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  • The OML 42

    The OML 42

    Facility Capabilities


    OML 42 has a total of 7 flow stations with a combined capacity of 345,000 barrels of liquid per day. As at Q1, 2018, the Batan, Jones Creek and Odidi Flow Stations are operational, while Egwa will be re-opened in 2019. The liquids are transported to the Forcados Export Terminal via the Trans-Forcados Pipeline (TFP).

    Frequent failures of TFP due to age, crude theft and sabotage have made dependence on it for crude transport uneconomic, onerous and inefficient. In response to this, the OML 42 JV has developed an alternative evacuation route for its crude via barging to the Ugo Ocha Export Terminal. Implementing this alternative has necessitated introducing oil and water treatment in the field to meet export crude quality requirements and environmental standards for water disposal. The alternative evacuation solution for Odidi and Jones Creek has gone live.

    The Central Processing Facility (CPF) for gas in Odidi is also currently being revamped to deliver up to 80 MMscf/d to Escravos-Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS) . 


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