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  • Corporate Social Investment

    Corporate Social Investment

    To Neconde Energy Limited, social responsibility is the integrated, ethical, and transparent management of its business interests and activities and of its relationships with all of its stakeholders, furthering best business practices, respecting human and cultural diversity, working to eradicate discrimination, degrading work, child and forced labour, and contributing to sustainable development and to reduce social inequality. To further these as our social responsibility, Neconde Energy Limited is led by these core focuses:-

    1.      Assured Performance

    All Neconde Energy Limited’s Stakeholders are actively involved in its corporate governance practices, ethics and transparency policies

    2.      Inter-connected Management

    Neconde Energy Limited guarantees an integrated and inter-connected social responsibility management roadmap throughout the Neconde Energy Limited corporate structure.

    3.      Viable Growth

    All Neconde Energy Limited’s business interests and activities are carried out with social responsibility, meeting its commitments pursuant to the principles set forth by the Environmental Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also by the United Nations Environmental Programme Charter on the Environment by contributing to sustainable development.

    4.      Human Rights

    Consistently recognizing, respecting and supporting internationally acknowledged human rights, Neconde Energy Limited System’s actions map focuses on furthering the principles of decent, non-discriminatory labour.

    5.      Cultural Integration

    Neconde Energy Limited respects the human, tribal and cultural diversity of its workforce and area of operation. It uses this as a model to implement solutions that are sensitive to the cultural diversity of its area of operation.

    6.      Labour Principles

    Because we support the Nigerian child, Neconde Energy Limited has eliminated the use of degrading child labour in our System’s supply chain.

    7.      Workforce Commitment

    Neconde Energy Limited’s staff are dedicated, passionate and devoted to making its Social Responsibility to its host community and the Federal Republic of Nigeria a reality. We are passionate about what we do as we integrate to the global economy and create an international brand.

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